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TonTon ushers in new online video experience in Malaysia

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TonTon shows video content in a beautiful cinematic setting. The video player is HD ready, presented in a 16:9 display format.

A new online video portal called TonTon has been launched in Malaysia, offering not only local content and selected foreign titles but also exclusive Web titles as well as archived TV content.

A project by Media Prima Berhad subsidiary Alt Media Sdn Bhd, TonTon will show a huge amount of local content from Media Prima´s four TV stations -- TV3, ntv7, 8TV and TV9 -- as well as selected Hollywood titles in its free Catch-Up TV service, including the latest seasons of Private Practice, Grey´s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and Ghost Whisperer.

TonTon will also have Hollywood films like multiple Academy Award-winning movie, The Hurt Locker, and other titles featuring the world´s biggest film stars including Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Mel Gibson and Keanu reeves.

Local films will also be featured on TonTon, such as Sepi, Nana Tanjung, KL Drift and Mukhsin.

There will also be Asian dramas from Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Korea, with titles like My Girl, Cincerella´s Sister and Full House.

Additionally, TonTon will provide access to 30,000 hours of TV content from the last 26 years, including titles like Majalah 3, Nona, Medik TV, Jejak Rasul, Cinderella, Kopitiam, Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu, Scenario and Spanar Jaya.

Entertainment specials including Konsert M. Nasir, Sudirman and all the Anugerah Juara Lagu telecasts from year one to today will also be available for viewing.

Besides the local and foreign shows from TV, TonTon will be featuring exclusive Web content with shows like Films and Stars News, Guinness World Records, WWE Classics and the Dilbert Series.

TonTon also enable other content creators to have their own channels on the platform. One of the very first few to take advantage of this is KRU, who will launch KRUTV, a channel featuring the best of KRU content.

Additionally, radio stations Hot FM, Fly FM and One FM will also launch Hot TV, Fly TV and One TV featuring exclusive footage, bloopers, behind-the-sccenes, concerts and more, while lifestyle and entertainemnt portal Gua will launch GuaTV with exclusive made-for-web videos.

Malaysia´s number one newspaper, Harian Metro, will also feature sensational, insightful and exclusive content on its own channel called myMetroTV.

"We know that everyone is watching video content online, so we wanted to give them an experience like any other," said Ahmad Izham Omar, Alt Media chief executive officer.

"Tonton is really designed to watch videos in the way we already like to watch video, leaning back and chilling out on a sofa."

The video content are presented in a cinematic setting with a 16:9 display format using a video player that is HD ready.

Built on an Intelligent Media Platform, Tonton incorporates demographic, behavioural, contextual, location and device information to reccomend content and advertising matched to the user´s profile.

Viewers can also customise their viewing experience, personalising their playlist and organising their video content however they want to and a chat function that is deeply integrated with Facebook and Twitter is also coming soon.

Videos on TonTon is currently available for free. The TonTon beta version is currently live and can be viewed at

Published Date : 06 August 2010  

Source : Alt Media press release

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The launch of Malaysia's new online video experience, TonTon

A new online video portal called TonTon has been launched in Malaysia, offering not only local content and selected foreign titles but also exclusive Web titles as well as archived TV content.
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