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7 premium channels, Facebook & Youtube browsing join UniFi´s HyppTV

In conjunction with the first anniversary celebrations of UniFi, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is not only adding seven new premium channels and five new Video on Demand (VOD) categories to HyppTV, but also the ability to stream Youtube videos and update your Facebook from your TV.

The new channels offer a variety of broadcast content: from global news on Al Jazeera, music entertainment on Nat Geo Music and South India´s SS Music channel, Korean content on tvN HD , and education on Nat Geo Adventure HD.

Additionally, SyFy HD offers science fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure, reality, action, mystery, and paranormal programming, while EMAS is a Media Prima Berhad offering with a retro contemporary concept.

Subscription prices for the new premium channels range from as low as RM3 per month to RM9 per month.

Meanwhile, the new VOD categories offer subscribers wholesome family packages from local drama to documentaries and cartoons. The Malaysian Package has a little bit of everything for everyone, while the Nature Package will show documentary programmess on nature, animals and more.

Children may like the new Dino, Animasi and Galaxy packages, which will be showing English cartoons and also local Malaysian animations.

All these are priced from RM8 per package with a viewing period of up to 30 days.

HyppTV also expands its services to offer YouTube and Facebook browsing on its Interactive applications which is available for free on the platform.

The new channels, categories and services are set to be available in June 2011.

With this, HyppTV´s current line up is now a total of 44 channels -- 15 free channels, 29 premium channels, 14 VOD categories and 11 interactive applications.

Published Date : 13 May 2011  

Source : TM

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