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Samsung offers Malaysian homes total package for 3D entertainment

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Samsung LED 8000
46" (RM14,999), 55" (RM19,999)
Price Updated 31 Mar 2010


Samsung LED 7000
40" (RM9,999), 46" (RM13,999), 55" (RM18,999)
Price Updated 31 Mar 2010

Samsung is offering Malaysian consumers a total package for 3D home entertainment, with not only 3D LED, 3D LCD and 3D Plasma televisions, but also 3D-capable Blu-ray players.

The flagship LED TV Series 8 8000 is a slim LED TV with built-in 3D technology, and features a brushed metal coloured frame surrounded by a transparent crystal silhouette. It is accented with a four-legged quad stand.

On the other hand, the LED TV Series 7 7000 has a narrow bezel with Samsung´s advanced Crystal Design inspired by a brown metal colour.

At just 23.9mm thickness, the sets are also slimmer when compared to last year´s offerings.

With built-in Ethernet connection and wireless-ready capabilities, the 2010 LED TV lineup also comes with an upgraded Internet@TV feature that now includes Samsung Apps, providing consumers with a selection of content and applications from leading services.

Samsung´s other 3DTVs include the LCD TV Series 7 750 and Plasma TV Series 7 7000. The Samsung Plasma 7000 HDTV also features Internet@TV connectivity, while the LCD 750 HDTV includes an upgraded Internet@TV feature that now includes Samsung Apps, built-in Ethernet connection and DLNA compatibility for wireless connectivity and multimedia sharing.

Samsung´s 3D products all include Samsung´s proprietary built-in 3D processor and emitter that is optimised for, and enables compatibility with, multiple 3D standards approved by the Blu-ray Disc Association.

In addition, Samsung´s 3D system delivers a picture using a full colour spectrum for depth and clarity.

To support the 3D TV lineup, Samsung also has new BD-C7500 and BD-C6900 Blu-ray players in the 2010 line-up.

The BD-C7500 is a slim Blu-ray player at 1.1-inches and can be wall-mounted, placed on a 25-degree angle stand or placed flat. It also features improved disc load and boot-up times and plays Blu-ray movies in 1080p quality and 24 frames per second film speed.

The BD-C6900 won the 2010 CES Best of Innovations award and is enhanced with 3D support and multi-channel HD surround sound. It is also certified from the Blu-ray Disc Association.

To round up its offerings, Samsung is also joining forces with DreamWorks animation and Technicolour for 3D content, resulting in a 3D Blu-ray version of DreamWorks Animation´s Monsters vs Aliens.

At the launch and showcase in Kuala Lumpur recently, Samsung also showed how 3D content can be played from a USB drive plugged into the TVs.

One interesting bit about the 3D processor is that it also includes an auto-conversion technology that can render and convert regular 2D content into 3D in real time at the touch of a button.

The 3D TVs include a pair of 3D Active Glasses but as a special promotion until July, Samsung is offering an extra pair of 3D Active Glasses as well as a copy of the Monsters vs Alien 3D Blu-ray version.

The 3D Active Glasses weigh 34g and is expected to last up to 50 viewing hours. Two types of glasses are available -- one with a battery for RM599 and one with a rechargeable battery for RM899.

The LED 8000, LED 7000, LED 6000, LCD 750, PDP 7000, HT-C7550W and BD-C6900 will be available in April, while all LED 9000 will be launched by July 2010.

LED 8000

46" : RM14,999

55" : RM19,999


LED 7000

40" : RM9,999

46" : RM13,999

55" : RM18,999


Plasma 7000

50" : RM9,999

63" : RM16,999


LCD 750

46" : 8,999

55" : RM12,999


BD-C7500 :  RM2,399

BD-C6900 : RM2,499


Published Date : 31 March 2010  

Source : Samsung press release

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Samsung offers Malaysian homes total package for 3D entertainment

Samsung recently launched not only 3D LED, 3D LCD and 3D Plasma televisions, but also 3D-capable Blu-ray players.
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