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Maxis, PayPal collaborate for online, mobile payments

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A mobile screenshot of a future offering from Maxis and PayPal


Sofia Shamsuddin of Maxis demonstrating how the Maxis Paypal service would work on IPTV.

Maxis Berhad customers will soon be able to pay their bills online or do a prepaid top-up using the Maxis-PayPal Account, which is specifically adapted for Maxis customers.

Upon signing up for the service, Maxis customers will also be able to pay at other PayPal merchants worldwide whilst mobile or at home. .

Maxis subscribers just need to log-in with their Maxis PayPal credentials and click to pay. Maxis customers would log in with their mobile numbers. There is a one-time registration for a Maxis-PayPal Account and the payment option is available both online and on the mobile. .

The process is highly secure, leveraging on PayPal´s renowned fraud controls. Customers enjoy a high level of privacy with their financial details such as credit card numbers and expiry dates kept confidential from merchants during payment. .

Finally, there is a large merchant base available globally on this channel. Maxis corporate customers may also leverage this collaboration by accepting PayPal as a method of payment, that is, as merchants of PayPal, which should offer Maxis-PayPalcustomers a greater choice of local merchants. .

Upon launch, Maxis and PayPal will be bringing even more value to customers through special offers and exclusive deals.

Current PayPal users will also have to option to include their Maxis numbers and link their account to take advantage of the offers and promotions that will be offered to Maxis-PayPal account users.

"Today, the user experience online is cumbersome as customers are required to repeatedly fill in payment card and contact details for each transaction or merchant. The collaboration between Maxis and PayPal will enable consistent and simple purchase experiences for all Maxis customers in Malaysia," explained Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, Maxis Chief Operating Officer.

"This collaboration complements Maxis´ integrated play proposition where we will enable payments across mobile, online broadband (fixed or mobile) and IPTV in the near future. Maxis will further enrich our customers´ lives by pushing the boundaries of e-commerce with this collaboration." .

The Maxis-PayPal service will be rolled out in phases, starting in August this year.

Published Date : 18 May 2010  

Source : Maxis & PayPal press release

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Maxis, PayPal collaborate for online, mobile payments

Maxis & PayPal have collaborated to offer customers a Maxis-PayPal Account, which is specifically adapted for Maxis customers. The account will be rolled out starting in August.
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